Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning approach is an ongoing process in which we work with our clients to identify their goals and answer any questions. This may include topics such as Social Security, Medicare, long-term care insurance, etc. We outline the necessary steps to achieve their specific objectives through cash flow illustrations. We often find that these goals change many times throughout a client’s life, and amend each plan accordingly. Our sophisticated analysis provides our clients with detailed scenarios to help them achieve success in retirement. We have extensive experience in aiding our clients from the saving stages of life to retirement spending.

Our Wealth Management approach aims to address the total client picture. Below outlines the various financial planning items we address on behalf of our clients:

Retirement Plan Consulting

As a professional adviser to corporate 401(k) plans, our approach assists participants with allocating and monitoring their investments.

As a (3)21 fiduciary to plan trustees, we provide much-needed fiduciary protection to plan sponsors. There are four distinct advantages to the Landmark Wealth Management 401(k) program: access to institutionally priced investments, fee transparency/cost savings, a wide range of investment options and proactive service.